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About - Unique. Luxurious. Beautiful, yet strong.

Formulated by a Clinical Aromatherapist, Carna Aromatics harnesses the power of nature’s botanicals to offer you uncompromisingly natural, uniquely beautiful and practitioner-grade aromatherapy products that truly work.

We believe that exceptional quality, proven results, unwavering integrity and environmental responsibility should come before profit.

You won’t find any misleading “natural” claims on our labels — only pure, proven and artfully-crafted blends designed to improve your health, nourish skin and enhance the beauty of your every day.

Our mindfully created, artisan collections are blended by hand in Australia and are 100% natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Like nature, Carna’s products are beautiful, yet strong.

Our products have gained a small cult following due to our thoughtful, holistic approach to beauty that combines scientifically-supported botanical remedies and exquisite aromatics with a respectful approach to the environment.

We want our products to not only make you look and smell beautiful, but also to support you in feeling happy, healthy and strong whilst making better choices for the planet.

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Ingredients - Power of Plants. Truly Natural

In the hands of a professional Clinical Aromatherapist, botanical oils have the power to heal our bodies, feed our skin and improve our mood.

Our loyal customers often remark that the aroma of our essential oil blends is noticeably stronger and more nuanced than other store-bought products they have tried.

Unfortunately, many aromatherapy brands use cheap oils and “naturally derived” ingredients in order to control aromas and increase their bottom line. These ingredients, such as geraniol and limonene, do come from essential oils but are separated from their original chemical chain by technology. Some brands even include cheaper synthetic versions. We don’t accept this as natural.

We never compromise quality for the sake of profits.

We prioritise your health and are uncompromising in our selection of only the highest quality, pure, truly natural ingredients.

Like a fine red wine, our blends vary due to the season, soil conditions and location where the plant is grown. A quality winemaker wouldn’t dream of including additives to gain the exact same taste and aroma of a wine from 5 years ago. It is the same here.

We want to offer you something truly special. Instead of offering you the same uninspired, mediocre aromas found elsewhere, we allow the character of our premium natural ingredients to shine. When you use our products, you will imagine the land and climate where your product was sourced and benefit from their powerful health-giving properties.

Why you’ll love Carna Aromatics:

100% natural
Only the highest quality, practitioner-grade ingredients
Artfully blended by a trained Clinical Aromatherapist
No synthetic ingredients
No artificial colours
No artificial fragrances
No synthetic preservatives or parabens
GMO free
Animal cruelty free
Minimal and recyclable packaging
Sustainable business practices

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Environmental Responsibility - Skincare that changes the world

Like you, we take environmental issues seriously.

Our goal is to contribute to the earth and a sustainable society through effective, natural products that are kind to your body, kind to animals and kind to the earth. We’re committed to using 100% natural ingredients and the best sustainable business practices possible.

Our quality, artisan collection is blended by hand in small batches without the use of electricity or machines. We use potent, body and earth-friendly ingredients, minimal, recyclable packaging and strive to reduce waste and minimise our impact throughout every area of our business.

We also constantly seek to improve our practices.

When we know better, we do better.

In the past, we were using plastic lip balm tubes and plastic spray bottles. These materials are recyclable but still plastic, and therefore made from petroleum. We found an alternative in recyclable and re-useable aluminium tins and glass bottles and now use these wherever possible.

We believe that with sustainable business practices and the support of environmentally conscious customers like you, we can truly change the world.

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Our History - Research. Study. Experience.

Our story began back in 2008 when our Founder Yukiko Shimizu began searching for more natural skincare for her personal use. She tested a variety of sensitive skin ranges and other so-called natural skincare. Even these gave her redness and skin reactions.

Nothing brought her satisfaction.

So, not one to settle for second-best, Yukiko did her research and decided to start making her own products. Her skin improved and her friends gradually began asking her what products she was using. Where could they get such effective products?

Yukiko knew she had found a passion that could improve people’s lives, but she felt that it would be dishonest to start teaching workshops and selling her products without first getting some formal training.


After studying a Diploma of Aromatherapy in Sydney Yukiko began making her popular, natural products again — but this time she would use her professional knowledge combined with higher quality, proven and 100% natural ingredients.

At first friends bought the products, then their families, then their families’ friends. Soon Yukiko’s truly special, 100% natural products had garnered a small cult following both in Australia and Japan.

Today, Carna Aromatics’ product range has been thoughtfully expanded to meet the needs of our loyal following of discerning, environmentally aware customers.

You can find our products in a select number of exclusive boutiques and in our online store.

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The Name - The Goddess of Health

The name “Carna” was chosen to reflect our appreciation for the beauty, health and strength that nature has given to us.

Carna is a Goddess of protection in Roman Mythology. She is celebrated as the guardian of our health, helping us to extract nourishment from the earth and transform it into physical wellness and strength.

It is believed that people who carry this name have a deep inner desire for love and seek to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

Just like our namesake, Carna Aromatics is devoted to crafting meaningful products that are not only beautiful, but use the powerful gifts of nature to bring strength and health to our customers without damaging our precious environment.

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Clinical Aromatherapists - Who are they?

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new clinical aromatherapist, Tomomi. She has joined the Carna Aromatics teato expand our ethical business in 2019. 

Tomomi studied Diploma of Aromatherapy at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and has been interested in aromatherapy since 2005. 

Prior to this, Tomomi was working as a flight attendant in Japan, where she had important and highly responsible roles as chief purser of the cabin, and team leader of the office. Having had irregular time schedules, and with constant exposure to the very dry air of aircraft cabins, she sought a way to heal her overworked body and mind. A fortuitous opportunity allowed her to study aromatherapy in a casual manner in Japan, but at the time, aromatherapy was not widely understood

When Tomomi began studying basic aromatherapy, she was fascinated by the great power of the plants on Earth, and how they evoked childhood memories of time spent with her grandmother, when together they grew flowers and herbs. Her grandmother taught her many things about plants; their names, their uses, which were edible, and so on. She recalled her grandmother’s old recipes to make herbal infusion oil from the calendula flower for minor cuts, scratches, and burns. When any of her family had a cold, her grandmother would also make a traditional homemade ginger tea. 

In Japan, a number of old customs involve the use of plants for their beneficial properties, such as the 7-herb-rice-congee which is traditionally made on the 7th of January, bathing with iris leaves on Sekku (Boy’s Festival Day), or bathing with yuzu lime on the day of the Winter Solstice

Using particular plants in a diet, or applying plant extracts directly on the skin, can help maintain a healthy body, or enhance the healing process of humans. The principles of aromatherapy build on these concepts, and have existed in the daily life of humans throughout history. Smells stimulate the olfactory system, and particular smells associated with specific moments in time can evoke memories or personal feelings, such as nostalgia, happiness, sadness, or loneliness. The fragrance of a single drop of an essential oil may change somebody’s life. 

Tomomi is eager and ready to propagate the great benefits of aromatherapyThrough her practice, she hopes to enable her clients to live with a healthier body and spirit, heighten awareness about the environment, and to improve human coexistence with nature and animals.

Aromatherapy Education and Awards

Diploma of Aromatherapy (Australia) at ACNT (Australasian College of Natural Therapies)Diploma in Aromatherapy (International) of ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council)
Professional Aromatherapist of IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists)Accredited Member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
Accredited Aromatherapy Instructor of AEAJ (Aroma Environment Association of Japan)Accredited Medical Herb Coordinator of Japan Medical Herb Association

Our co-founder and Clinical Aromatherapist, Yukiko Shimizu, believes that sustainable small businesses have the power to change the world.

Professionally trained and certified in Australia, Yukiko has developed a rare approach to her work that produces exceptional results. While most Aromatherapists create through olfactory sensory information (smell); as a Clinical Aromatherapist, Yukiko’s method is much more rational.

She doesn’t begin by smelling the essential oils, but instead uses her knowledge of chemistry and botanical ingredients to write down the ingredients required to ensure the blend will be effective for its intended use. Only then does she use her nose to tweak the recipe, creating blends that not only work beautifully, but smell wonderful too.

Yukiko’s clients frequently mention that they feel she is intuitive — that a higher power is moving her hands as she creates her beautiful yet powerful blends.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yukiko has spent much of her life travelling. A child of open-minded parents, she has inherited their appreciation for the world’s cultures, peace, nature, sustainable living and the value of high quality objects designed to last a lifetime. Her philosophy is also heavily influenced by traditional Japanese values of minimalism and Mottainai (a Japanese term describing a regret for wastefulness). She is a creative soul who constantly feeds her mind with inspiration from a wide range of sources including nature, books, museums and classic ballet.

Training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 5 days a week, she has developed a special interest in natural pain, injury and infection management for contact sports and is fascinated by the correlation between diet and wellbeing. When Yukiko sees the remarkable results her 100% natural essential oil blends bring to her clients, she continues to be amazed by the power of plants and the ability of nature to help our bodies to heal.

Yukiko’s rich tapestry of experiences and influences has strongly informed Carna’s philosophy of environmental responsibility, sustainability and a commitment to only the highest quality, most effective and truly natural ingredients. She hopes that her mindfully-created, eco-friendly products will bring health and happiness to you, your loved ones and our world.


Aromatherapy Education and Awards

Diploma of Aromatherapy (Australia) with the award of outstanding clinic participant at ACNT (Australasian College of Natural Therapies)

Diploma in Aromatherapy (International) with the highest exam result ‘Distinction’ of ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council)

Accredited Member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

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