Maria Mitchell (Herbal and Aromatic Medicine Practitioner) Carna has a instinctive and natural flair with essential oils.  Their beautiful blends take into consideration the purpose of the blend, while making it a delightful aroma. Even as a student of aromatherapy, their caring and consideration of people’s needs enabled them to create products that are healing to body and soul.

Author: Aromatic Practitioners Reference

Joshua Lie (Naturopath & Energetic Healer)

Carna has a highly qualified clinical aromatherapists. They provide skillful aromatherapy treatment with lovely attention to their clients. They strongly advocate using only high quality therapeutic level essentials oils. I trust in their service and aromatic products.

Joshua is a Naturopath practicing at Karuna Holistic Wellness Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Anne Schofield (Director of Anne Schofield Antiques)

I am a very happy customer of Yukiko’s at Carna Aromatics – for consultations, advice and I buy many of her products, especially Pure Rose the organic rose facial mist and bath oil. I highly recommend her services and really love her aromatic products.

Author : Jewels on Queen, NSW Publishing

Tomoko Kang (Owner of KANG. FLOWER DESIGN.)

The skin care products that I can feel living with plants.

Untamed yet deep and beautiful.

I feel wildness of plants. The best power of all for me.

Fiona Carr & Elizabeth Rae (Directors of Rayka Education Pty Ltd)

They were one of our wonderful aromatherapy students – and now colleagues and friends. We have witnessed their growth as professional therapists and watched them build an amazing aromatherapy career. They are diligent, honest and very humble in all their dealings, and it is for these reasons we have no hesitation in recommending Carna Aromatics and its lovely products.

Lucy Carroll

I adore these products. I trust the high quality of the ingredients and the natural scents are gorgeous. I have been buying them for years for myself and as gifts for friends and family. People always love a gift from Carna Aromatics so you can’t go wrong.

Kirstin Benadé

Carna’s products are high quality and smell amazing. As a person with sensitive skin, I was relieved to find a range of products that soothe and nourish. Can’t get enough of their room sprays. Perfect when you want a little pick-me-up and a million times nicer than air freshners. Can’t recommend Carna’s line enough!

Jilly Pascoe (Director of Life Force Foundation)

I always buy Carna’s products for myself but they also make perfect presents. This last Christmas I chose a selection of beautiful items that Carna made into a “luxury spa pack ” for each of my friends. I love that all her products are completely natural as well as beautiful to use. Carna has also created individually designed blends tailored to suit particular clients’ needs. My friends have been so impressed with these as presents created especially for them.
For each Aromatic Hug that Carna sells online they are generously donating another of the same for cancer survivors through Life Force Cancer Foundation to enhance their health and wellbeing.