Special Remedies

Especially targeted to treat specific conditions, both psychological and physical, these special natural remedies are our Clinical Aromatherapist Yukiko’s most outstanding creations.
Yukiko has distilled her wealth of knowledge and real-world consultation experience to create this collection of potent, 100% natural, GMO Free, Australian made and Cruelty Free remedies, each with its own unique aroma and personality. Carna Aromatics’ Special Remedies range is suitable for treating a wide variety of complaints such as cold and flu, sports injuries, emotional distress, digestive problems, constipation, respiratory problems, stress, insomnia and can even help to improve concentration for study.
There is a Japanese proverb that says, “Good medicine tastes bitter”. However, you will love using Yukiko’s artfully-crafted essential oil blends and botanical remedies because they are not only effective at improving your health, but also smell wonderful and are a pleasure to use. Our organic and natural Special Remedies are beautiful yet strong — Just like nature. Just like you.

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