Aromatherapy Consultation

Consultation by a clinical aromatherapist at Carna Aromatics.
Essential oils have been used as medicinal herbs in a long history. In addition to aromatherapy as a mere healing scent, we create prescriptions that suit both physical and mental aspects such as postpartum anxiety, depression due to work and relationships, joint / muscle pain, dermatitis and insomnia. What all our clients have in common is that they would like to use natural therapies rather than conventional medicine. Therefore, we will take a holistic approach by exploring the causes of daily life such as nutrition and exercise as well as the optimum essential oils and blends.

For reference, below are part of the consultation reasons in the past.

・ Children are prone to catch colds and are worried about infection to the other family members
・ I am prone to have swollen legs
・ I am suffering from hay fever and rhinitis
・ I have severe menstrual pain, but I would like to improve without taking painkillers
・ Has rheumatism and joint pain
・ I had my wisdom tooth extracted. Painkillers doesn’t work either
・ Severe headache when low pressure approaches
・ I’m pregnant and worried about stretch marks, my abdominal skin is dry and itchy
・ I have dermatitis such as atopy, but I don’t want to use steroids
・ Slow healing of wounds
・ Herpes on the side of my mouth hurts
・ I would like to be free from chronic constipation
・ Telework continues and I feel stressed out
・ I am in trouble because of insomnia
・ I am mentally tired from anxiety and depression
・ I would like to manage hot flashes during menopause in natural way

Of course, the essential oils we use are GMO-free, cruelty free, and many organic and pesticide-free.

For inquiries, please email directly to or send a message from our contact form .

*Please note, all consultations will be conducted by e-mail and video chat.
*Cost includes consultation, recommended essential oils, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice report.

Cost </ strong>

    • Initial consultation: $ 100 or ¥ 10,000
    • Follow-up consultation: $ 75 or ¥ 7,500
    • * If you wish to have a prescription essential oil or blend for consultation, we will charge it separately.