Fragonia 5ml – Pure Essential Oil


Excellent anti-microbial and emotional balancing oil. Recommended to treat emotional blockages, chronic fatigue syndrome, acne, muscular and joint pain, respiratory infections and jet lag.

Therapeutic Actions: Analgesic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, calming, expectorant, immunostimulant, stimulant.

Steam distillation from leaves and twigs. Australian native. Refreshing herbaceous yet sweet floral aroma.

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Size: 5ml, 0.16 fl oz

– 100% pure essential oil
– Vegan
– No animal testing or by-products
– Eco friendly
– Product of Australia
– GMO Free
– Biodegradable
– Minimal, reusable and recyclable packaging
– We believe that exceptional quality, proven results, unwavering integrity and environmental responsibility. We’ll never sacrifice quality, or your health, for the sake of profit.
– Made without: synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and adulterated oils

How to use:
Add 2 to 5 drops to an oil burner or vaporiser. Use 1 to 2 drops on a tissue and inhale directly. Add 5 drops to every 10ml of carrier oil to make massage oil.

Not to be used with young children or in pregnancy.


Agonis fragrans (Fragonia TM) Essential oil.

Your purchase supports a small, artisan business striving to do the best for your health and the planet. Together we can change the world!

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