Muscle Care – Bath Salt 500g


Your bath time offers the perfect opportunity to care for tired muscles.

Created by our Clinical Aromatherapist, this soothing bath salt blend contains the ideal combination of high-quality Epsom salts and 100% natural essential oils to help your body flush toxins and relieve pain, cramps, spasms, joint aches and inflammation.

We use premium-grade Epsom Salt which, unlike many low-quality alternatives, is not contaminated with heavy metals. Epsom salt supplies your body with essential Magnesium and Sulphates, helping to calm nerves and release metabolic waste.

Relax, have a nice long soak and let our Muscle Care Bath Salt soothe and alleviate the pain of tired muscles so you can be ready to go again tomorrow.

*This is a tempolary package to refill Muscle Care Bath Salt glass jar. The package isn’t suitable for long time storage.

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Size: 500g / 17.64 oz

– 100% natural
– Formulated by a Clinical Aromatherapist
– Vegan
– No animal testing or by-products
– Eco friendly
– Australian made
– GMO Free
– Biodegradable
– Minimal, eco-friendly refill packaging
– Blended by hand without the use of electricity
– We believe that exceptional quality, proven results, unwavering integrity and environmental
responsibility. We’ll never sacrifice quality, or your health, for the sake of profit.
– Made without: synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and adulterated oils

How to use:

For average bathtub, add half to 1 cup into the warm water, mix well and soak 20 to 30 minutes. Up to 2 cups can be used depends on the size of the bath tub as well as body size.

This blend was carefully calculated to be dispersed in a large amount of water. Because we use such high-quality and potent oils, the smell may seem overpowering when you first open the jar, but it will have the perfect aroma once added to your bath water.

Do not use during pregnancy.
Excessively hot bath may inhibit mineral absorption.

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate), Essential Oils of Lavandula latifolia (Lavender Spike)*, Origanum marjorana (Marjoram Sweet), Melaleuca cajeputi (Cajeput), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary CT Camphor) and Juniperus communis (Juniper)*.

*Certified Organic


Made by hand in Sydney, Australia using local and imported ingredients.

Your purchase supports a small, artisan business striving to do the best for your health and the planet. Together we can change the world!

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